STOCKTON (CBS13) — Officers from the Stockton Police Department brought $15,000 worth of school supplies for students at McKinley Elementary for their eighth annual drop off.

McKinley is one of the most underserved schools in the city of Stockton, but this donation is making a difference in more than just the classroom.

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Eight-year-old Joseph Martinez is used to seeing police officers patrolling the streets. “The officers always help us from bad guys,” Martinez said.

All of the students at McKinley Elementary School now get to see officers dropping off much-needed school supplies.

The Stockton Police Officer’s Association raised the money at a golf tournament back in June. They then asked teachers and the principal at McKinley for a wish list.

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When the day finally came for the donations to be dropped off, students were filled with excitement and lined up with posters and thank you cards to greet the officers.

“It means the world to make this big of an impact not only for students and teachers but as a community as a whole,” said Lauren Dewing, director of the Stockton Police Officer’s Association.


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