OAKDALE (CBS13) — An Oakdale family is adjusting to life after their father got into a tragic accident.

Jon Cavnar was injured in an accident where doctors were not sure if they could save his leg.

After a head-on collision, Cavnar started feeling down.

“The circumstances started taking a toll and I need help with everything, and I started getting down,” Cavnar said.

His wife noticed the change in his attitude and asked if maybe a dog companion would make him feel better.

That’s where Tankerbell, an English bulldog living with spina bifida, comes in. Tankerbell was living at the Sacramento SPCA.

“Before we knew anything about her condition we just fell in love,” said Jon’s wife, Alexis. “My husband just had an emotional response and just said, ‘if this dog can live the rest of her life with a disability, then I can live with this temporarily disabled part of my life.'”

The addition of Tankerbell has been good for his kids as well. The family said adjusting to life with their dad in a wheelchair has been tough.

Jon said those times when he feels down now he just looks at Tankerbell and she makes him happy and cheers him up.

While his injury is temporary, Jon’s recovery will be a long road with Tankerbell right by his side.


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