SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Results of Sacramento’s first National Citizen Survey have been released, and while the city got some high marks it also looks like there’s a lot of room for improvement.

Residents graded Sacramento on a wide variety of topics – including quality of city services, availability of affordable house, importance of addressing homelessness issues, feeling of safety in the city, and sense of community.

The survey was sent out to a random selection of 3,000 residents earlier this year. Of that number, about 500 people responded.

A snapshot of the survey's findings. (Credit: City of Sacramento)

A snapshot of the survey’s findings. (Credit: City of Sacramento)

More than 70 percent of Sacramentans gave the city a rating of “good” or “excellent” place to live.

However, only 47 percent of Sacramentans gave the city’s police/sheriff services an excellent or good rating.

Code enforcement was also a low mark, with only 29 percent rating it as excellent or good. Further, a majority of residents rated the availability of affordable housing in Sacramento as poor, with only a total of 17 percent rating it as good or excellent.

The survey was done in coordination with the National Research Center.

See the full results of the survey here:


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