By Macy Jenkins

STOCKTON (CBS13) — A new Amazon fulfillment center is headed to Stockton and it’s set to bring more than 1,000 new jobs to the area.

Amazon officials made the announcement on Monday along with Stockton City Council members.

“I think having Amazon here signals to other people that Stockton’s a place to invest in, Stockton’s a place to come to, Stockton’s a place where you want to open your business,” said Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs.

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The new facility will be on Newcastle Road in south Stockton, just three miles from the airport. At more than 1 million square feet, it’s on track to be one of Amazon’s largest facilities in the country.

“Buildings like this will allow us to have more selection, cheaper prices and faster delivery, which is ultimately what people want,” said Andrew Sweatman, director of operations for Amazon.

This warehouse will be the second in the city; the first was announced last year. But why land in Stockton?

“From this area, we are able to get to a large population of people, and we can fulfill those customer orders and meet that two-day Prime deadline,” Sweatman said.

Monday’s announcement comes just a day after Amazon posted 1,000 jobs for its other Stockton facility. They include everything from labor positions to technology operators to managerial opportunities.

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“A lot of my friends were telling me to apply to Amazon and I didn’t even know this was happening,” said Jesus Hernandez.

Tubbs says it’s the right economic boost in the right place and urges his community to get ready.

“We’re excited because as a council jobs, jobs, jobs has been a big priority for us,” he said. “Let’s make sure we have the skills, the training and everything needed to ensure that once these jobs are online, we’re applying.”

Encouraging words for 18-year-olds like Hernandez, searching for a way into the workforce.

“A lot of people who don’t have jobs and are actually looking for it actually have a chance to do something better!” he said.

Sweatman told CBS13 similar projects take roughly eight to 10 months to complete, but the company hopes to open up the center within the next year.

  1. I wish I was mobile. I would so work for Amazon .

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