By Shirin Rajaee

WOODLAND (CBS13) — A bizarre billboard in Yolo County is catching eyes and causing a distraction for drivers.

The writing on it is hard to make sense of and has many in Woodland questioning its message.

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“You don’t recognize it, you say, ‘What was that? Did I really see that? What was that?'” said Tiffany Nguyen, who drives past the billboard multiple days a week as she goes to the gym.

She wrote to hoping CBS13 could get an answer.

If you’re driving southbound on Interstate 5 near Woodland, you’ll notice a number of billboards from a Cache Creek Casino ad to one for Rolling Hills Casino; ads with few words and that have a clear message.

But just across the street, you’ll see a billboard that’s getting attention and not for its clarity.

“It has a ton of words on it, it’s not one clear message,” said Nguyen

“It’s just bizarre, you don’t have time to read the whole thing, just a lot going on on a billboard,” said Woodland resident Trevor Watson.

Taking a closer look, the billboard has confusing messages all over it.

On the left corner, there’s a picture of a woman who seems to be calling out different agencies for foul play. Then there’s an ultrasound of a fetus, the words “reproductive rights,” and what appears to be some kind of law enforcement logo on the right upper corner.

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All of it is allegedly paid for by a Dr. Richard D. Rasmussen, a non-citizen of California, who CBS13 has not been able to track down.

“It’s distracting as you’re driving down the freeway, and the writing is so small and not like other billboards, so you can’t read it,” said Nguyen.

The billboard is owned by Clear Channel.

“Clear Channel sold advertising space to someone, who was that? And do they just let anything on the boards?” said Nguyen.

Good question, does Yolo County regulate billboard content?

Yolo County Supervisor Matt Rexroad says, “Once they are licensed, people can put anything they want on a billboard. We don’t regulate content.”

Trevor Watson drives past it every day and says this particular billboard is known to post bizarre ads for years

“That billboard is kind of odd,” he said.

Woodland CHP says it has not received any official complaints or traffic issues with this billboard distracting drivers.

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