RIPON (CBS13) — Several people living in a neighborhood in Ripon are having a hard time sleeping because of a pesky bug that doesn’t seem to want to go away.

Neighbors say they have spotted thousands of cockroaches and they are so fed up, they created a sign to express their frustration.

A video from the 300 block of Jack Tone Road shows homeowner, Dave Drawdy and his wife outside keeping the cockroaches at bay.

“It’s not a few, it’s hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, you know, and when you got your 60-year-old wife out there swatting with a fly swatter, that’s not good because if you don’t kill them, they are coming into our property,” said Drawdy.

The couple has lived in the neighborhood for more than 30 years.  Just recently, they posted a sign that reads “Cockroach Alley,” to let city leaders know they want action.

“My boy’s girlfriend was here one night and all of a sudden you hear her screaming, there is a cockroach running across the bed, is that gross or what? I mean, you find them in the bathroom, you find them all over,” he said.

Drawdy says most of the bugs are coming from the sewer line in front of his driveway.

City crews did spray the manhole and sealed the holes on the cover but neighbors say it’s a temporary solution.

“It’s ridiculous man. It’s everywhere, you know. You look around and you see them crawling, all over the place,” said neighbor, Guillermo Martinez.

A pest control specialist says there are two common cockroaches spotted around the valley – the German cockroach that multiplies after invading kitchens and bathrooms. The other is the Oriental cockroach that lives in sewers and down in the ground.

“They are a nocturnal insect, which means they sleep during the day so when the sun comes up they are going for the shade. So, they are going to find areas like under boards, heavy shrubs, things that clutter and as the population grows, they start to invade the home,” said Tom Adams with BJ’s Consumer’s Choice Pest Control.

To control the insects, experts say keep areas clean and clear and seal cracks and holes.

“You know underneath the doors you have a little rubber piece make sure that the seal’s good, especially in the garage area in the home, make sure the doors are kept closed that way you can keep them on the outside,” said Adams.

Neighbors on Jack Tone Road say they will continue to spray and hope the city can do something more to help control the problem.