SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A gun shop is opening near Leatherby’s Family Creamery on Arden Way.

Viewer Connie Wallace sent a question to and wanted to know:

“Why is there a gun shop opening right next to Leatherby’s on Arden Way in Sacramento? I accept that people have a right to own guns, but it seems wrong to have one situated by a place frequented by families. Does the Leatherby business have no say in what business goes into the empty space? My husband and I are really curious.”

CBS13 visited the area to take a look. “The Guns Store” is located in the same building as Leatherby’s Family Creamery. The businesses share a parking lot.

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We took the question to Sacramento County. The Planning Commission told us:

“Gunsmith, Gun & Ammo sales are allowed as general retail in a variety of zones.  If the use is permitted in the zone (e.g. does not trigger a use permit or a rezone), then there is no public process for surrounding businesses to have a say.”

  1. Edward Smith says:

    There’s already a gun shop next to Denny’s on Watt and Auburn. Been there for years.

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