DUBLIN (CBS13) – Jayce Cosso, the boy allegedly abducted by his father in Modesto was found safe in Dublin, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department says.

A statewide Amber Alert was sent out on Monday after 6-year-old Jayce Cosso went missing.

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Jayce’s mother, Kimberly Valente, said he was kidnapped right out of her arms. The boy’s father, 41-year-old John Cosso, and several other men were suspected to have taken the boy.

Authorities have not commented on John’s whereabouts. Jayce was found in a hotel in the Dublin area Tuesday morning, authorities said.

Valente said in a Facebook post she was thankful for all the prayers her family received.

Jayce and Valente were reunited early Tuesday afternoon.

Across Northern California, morning commuters were greeted with Amber Alert roadside signs displaying the father’s car description — a black 2012 Ford Fusion with California license plate number 8BDY654.

Valente had said that John Cosso and a group of men dressed as utility workers used pepper spray to force their way inside her home. She ran with her son to the garage to try and drive away, but she said the men blocked her and took Jayce from her lap.

Police also have said they were looking for a person of interest, Renee Quijada, in connection to the case.


  1. Sonya Richerson says:

    what about the father???? Has he been arrested???? GET US THE WHOLE DAMN STORY!!!!

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