By Angela Greenwood

VACAVILLE (CBS13) — After going viral on social media, a man suspected of driving around naked near a Vacaville daycare is speaking out.

He says he’s being wrongfully accused and he’s offering an explanation.

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The incident happened Tuesday when he was spotted driving around with just over his lap, it appeared. The man, who’s also a great-grandfather, chose not to be identified but wanted to set the record straight.

“They’re not correct in their assumptions,” he said.

He’s at the center of a photo gone viral, showing what appears to be a man driving around naked near an in-home preschool, with only a towel covering his waist. But he insists the community got it wrong and says he wasn’t driving nude. Underneath the towel, he says he was wearing a pair of cut-off jeans. Because it was a hot afternoon, the man was also driving shirtless.

He says when the sun started to burn his legs, he grabbed a rag that he always carries in his truck and draped it over his lap. He then drove into a residential neighborhood to pick up a friend he’d recently met, which happened to be across the street from a daycare.

“He wasn’t there so I drove by and came back around [and] parked,” he said.

That’s when the man says he was confronted by the daycare owner’s husband, who he claims only asked the man what he was doing there, not if he was driving naked.

“He didn’t say nothing about driving naked. I would have said. ‘Wrong!'” he said.

Still, a photo of the man and his license plate number was taken and posted on social media, shared more than 3,000 times with many people began labeling him a predator.

“It’s not cool. It’s demeaning and embarrassing and I would never do anything like that.”

Following community concern, police made contact with the man and determined no crime was committed. The man says he wishes he could have explained before being shamed online.

“If you see someone doing something weird, man, just ask them what the hell is going on,” he said.

Police say even if the man did not have shorts on and was driving around nude with a towel over his waist, he still wouldn’t have committed a crime unless he actually exposed himself.

Angela Greenwood


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