By Steve Large

NATOMAS (CBS13) — A felon in handcuffs managed to escape arrest in a probation officer’s vehicle.

The Sacramento County Probation Department thought it had Larry James Brookshire when they took him into custody and had him handcuffed in an unmarked vehicle. They weren’t counting on him driving off, while still in handcuffs.

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“After he was placed in the back of a probation officer’s vehicle, he was able to maneuver himself into the front seat,” Coleen Kincheloe with the probation department.

Brookshire, still handcuffed, allegedly stole his arresting officer’s unmarked Ford Explorer and drove from West Sacramento, onto Interstate 5, then into Natomas where he abandoned the vehicle on Truxel Road before taking off on foot.

“How fast can a guy run with handcuffs,” Natomas resident George Hulett said.

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“To hear somebody got out of the car with handcuffs still on, it’s like James Bond or something,” Natomas resident Don Leidolf said.

The Sacramento police, the Sacramento Sheriff’s office, and the CHP all responded looking for Brookshire. Two local elementary schools were placed on lockdown as officers scoured the surrounding neighborhood looking for their suspect.

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“That’s shocking to hear, that that could happen just in this neighborhood.”

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office finally found Brookshire in an apartment in North Sacramento, within a few miles of the location he allegedly abandoned the undercover probation SUV.

This stolen squad car is the latest in a recent string of first responder vehicle thefts

In August, a Yuba City police car was stolen and a Sacramento CHP car was stolen by suspects.

In July, a Sacramento Metro Fire Engine was stolen and taken for a joy ride.

Kincheloe said the Sacramento County Probation Department would be reviewing its arrest procedures.

“You would think once they’re in custody, that’s it,” Leidolf said.

Brookshire was being arrested on alleged ID theft and drug sales charges. He is now facing a vehicle theft charge as well.


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