By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Students demanded action on Tuesday after racist messages were painted on a wall inside a Sacramento City College restroom.

The messages included swastikas and the words, “kill them all.”

“This is a death threat and a hate crime and needs to be treated as such,” said Black Student Union President Joshua Robinson.

The school’s black student union protested with tall signs and emotions running high.

“We have to fear for our lives, wait to see if something’s gonna happen,” said student Queen Jones.

They were upset at the school administration for waiting to respond to the incident. Students didn’t know about it until an email came through from the college president a day after police took their report and removed the graffiti.

“We want to know what’s going on because if we would’ve come through on Monday and there was a shooting or something of that likeness. nobody would’ve been prepared,” Robinson said.

And just as the protest grew louder, college president Michael Gutierrez showed up, offering an immediate apology.

“It was obviously too slow for our students to find out,” he said.

Is the school not communicating well enough with the police department?

“That’s what we need to figure out, to make sure why there was a communication break down and to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” he told CBS13.

Advocates from outside organizations are now getting involved, calling on the FBI to investigate.

“’Kill them.’ In any other community that wouldn’t have been taken lightly, but they targeted black young people in this community. And if Sac doesn’t think that’s an issue or a problem—the problem is that Sacramento wants to pretend like we have no problem,” said Voice of the Youth Advocate Berry Accius.

For now, there’s been no official statement issued by the city.

But the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR),  released  a statement blaming the Trump administration for giving “green light to racism.”

  1. livingengine says:

    The Council on American Islamic Relations gets on TV almost everyday. Between April and December of 2018, the Council on American Islamic Relations was on TV 289 times in a 244 day time period.

    This short video is just one, but only one, example of the Council on American Islamic Relations’ gratuitous presence on local news broadcasts.

    There are many more examples.

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