VALLEY SPRINGS (CBS13) – The price for a gallon of gas has been above $3 in California for a while now and one viewer wanted to know how much of the cost is going to taxes and fees.

Kurt Dornbush from Valley Springs filled out a form on in hopes CBS13 could get answers.

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Caltrans confirms each gallon of gas contains:

  • 2 cent Underground Storage Tank fee
  • 11.7 cent Variable State Gas tax (it will replace the sales tax and will increase to 17.3 cents in July 2019)
  • 18.4 cent Federal Excise tax
  • 30 cent State Gas tax

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A gallon of gas also contains:

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  • 3.6 cent Local Sales tax (statewide average, may vary by city/county)
  • 2.25% sales tax. A current gallon of gas averages $3.74 in California, per AAA, putting the sales tax per gallon at 8.4 cents.

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Combined, the taxes and fees on a $3.74 gallon of gas is 74.1 cents.

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