SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The morning and evening commute on Sacramento Regional Transit is a little too crowded for one viewer and she wrote to CBS13 to Ask Us to get answers.

Dina Taylor rides the Gold Line in the morning. She boards at the Sunrise station at 7:13 am and says, “By Power Inn, people can hardly get on because there are so many people. In the early evening, I catch the Gold Line at 7th and Capitol. Sometimes the train is 3 cars instead of 4. Those days are even worse. In any case, the train is quite full by 29th Street. Will Sac RT increase train frequency during peak commute hours?”

A Sac RT spokesperson told CBS:

“SacRT applied for, and was awarded in April, state grant funding in the amount of $84 million. The $84 million will support a $144 million project that will start to modernize SacRT’s light rail system. The funds support double-tracking improvements, which will allow SacRT to provide 15-minute service to Folsom stations, and implement three express routes from Folsom during peak commute hours to downtown Sacramento. Additionally, the grant will begin SacRT’s phased transition to replace 23 aging light rail vehicles and begin a conversion to low-floor vehicles, which will be easier for persons with disabilities as well as for those with bicycles, strollers and luggage to board. The funding is scheduled for release in Fiscal Year 2019, which means the double tracking project could be complete by summer 2021.”

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