COLFAX (CBS13) – Detectives are asking for help in finding whoever has been shooting BB and pellet guns at cars and homes in Colfax.

The incidents in question happened between Sept. 8-24. According to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office, the suspects shot at both parked and moving cars. One of the incidents happened on eastbound Interstate 80 near Clipper Gap.

In some of the incidents, victims reported seeing a sedan pull up in front of their home. They then saw the car speeding away after hearing a BB or pellet gun firing, finding their windows broken.

One person also reported seeing a long bed, light-colored pickup truck. The victim said they heard the suspects laughing as they drove away after shooting.

A total of six incidents are being linked to the spree, detectives say. All the incidents happened after 8 p.m. and over the weekend.

No one has been hurt in the incident; however, deputies say the suspects are facing charges ranging from misdemeanor vandalism to felony endangering the public for the incidents.