STOCKTON (CBS13) — Former Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva is facing even more charges, this time for running a red light and signing his name as Donald Trump.

One day after the public learned that Silva is facing eight charges ranging from embezzlement to money laundering from the city of Stockton, the misdemeanor charges came to light.

Silva’s attorney, Mark Reichel, confirmed Thursday that Silva was pulled over by CHP for failing to stop at a red light this past July and signed his name as Donald Trump. According to Reichel, the Silva filled out the rest of the ticket with his correct information but chose to put his name as Trump.

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Silva is now facing misdemeanor charges for the traffic violation and use of a fake name. He could face up to six months in jail and a fine of $1,000.

He’s expected in court on Oct. 16 for these charges and eight others filed Wednesday. The eight other charges include five charges of embezzlement, as well as charges of money laundering and possession of a firearm.

Silva’s former executive assistant, Sharon Simas, is also facing charges for money laundering and embezzlement.


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