By Angela Greenwood

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — In West Sacramento, complaints are being filed against AT&T and a company it’s subcontracting to trim trees. Some homeowners say crews have entered their property without giving notice and left it damaged.

“Angry, violated. I didn’t know people were in my backyard without my permission with my dog,” said West Sacramento homeowner Casey Lang.

If it wasn’t for her neighbor and her security cameras, Lang says she would have never known a crew of tree cutters were on her property while she was away at work.

“I don’t like it at all.  I’m not a fan,” Lang said.

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She also says she’s not a fan of what she saw afterward.  Lang says part of her fence had been broken, her patio lights trampled on and one of the workers was caught on camera appearing to antagonize her dog with a lawn chair.

The employees are from A&E Arborists, a company that’s been contracted through AT&T to trim trees.  They are legally allowed to enter someone’s property to access a public utility easement and the company says it did leave two door hangers to notify lang of the upcoming work.

“I asked where they were. He said well sometimes they get blown away by the wind. I’m like both of them?” asked Lang.

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CBS13 showed the video to the company’s owner who said he was horrified and has now suspended the employee seen making contact with Lang’s dog.  He also says he’s launched an investigation into the incident.

“Absolutely disrespected,” said Sunnie Thornton.

Thornton lives across the street from Lang. She says crews accessed her backyard even though she asked them not to as she was worried about her dog.  She also says they left it a mess, moving around and knocking down items.

“It looked like somebody had ransacked it,” said Thornton. “Just kind of beside myself that there are companies out there that can be this unprofessional.”

The company did offer to repair any damage to Lang’s yard, but she declined. AT&T was unable to provide information in time for this story.

Angela Greenwood

  1. Where’s AT&T in all this? Didn’t they have anything to say since they ordered the work? Angela??

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