SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — An Elk Grove man was robbed and attacked after leaving a casino.

The story of riches to robbed happened early Thursday morning.

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“Pushed me to the ground and used the weapon,” the victim said. “He saw that I cashed out, he saw that I put the money in my pocket, and decided I was an easy target.”

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This victim, who does not want to be identified, had been playing poker at Capitol Casino in Sacramento and drew a straight on a flop winning thousands of dollars from the pot.

But his luck took a turn just as he pulled into the driveway of his Elk Grove home. Surveillance video shows a man in a hoodie and surgical mask creep around the victim’s home and into the garage.

“At knifepoint, the suspect demanded money from him, he got a large sum of cash and took off,” said Sgt. Josh Magdaleno, with Elk Grove PD.

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Investigators say the suspect, 58-year-old Richard Bullock, was also at the casino followed the victim’s straight with a flush of his winnings.

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“Whether it’s $300 or $10,000, if somebody comes at you with a knife it’s definitely a dangerous situation,” Magdaleno said.

Police were quickly able to identify the suspect through key factors.

“Really with the surveillance from the residence and the casino, we were able to identify who the subject was and ended up using his personal information from a player’s card,” he said.

The victim was cut during the robbery and is still shaken by the attack.

“I was definitely scared,” the victim said.

Police say it’s a reminder to keep a close lookout whenever carrying cash.

“Always take a quick scam around. Look at the cars, anybody walking around,” Magdaleno said.

The victim is now recovering from being dealt a hand he didn’t expect. The suspect is facing a number of charges including home invasion, robbery, violating parole, and assault with a deadly weapon.

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As for the cash, police say they’ve recovered some of it, but didn’t say how much.