DOWNTOWN SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — This year’s ice skating rink in Downtown Sacramento is expanding to hold more than 150 skaters this holiday season. The expansion comes amid a growing and bustling downtown vibe.

After record attendance over the past two years, the Downtown Sacramento Partnership decided the rink needs to grow. It’s set to open on Nov. 2.

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“We are going to be 20 percent larger, the shape of the rink will no longer be the traditional oval that everyone has grown accustomed to, we are gonna be a rounded rectangle,” said Sureena Johl with the partnership.

A tradition for the past 27 years, the ice rink will now open at 7th and K streets, and accommodate close to 200 skaters.

“We wanted to refresh the entire experience on site to match all the other amazing things happening downtown,” Johl added.

New restaurants, new housing and of course, the arena inside DOCO is now attracting about 40,000 people who want to experience Downtown Sacramento at any given time.

“He’s been constantly talking about it and this is something we want him to do,” said Maura Madrigal.

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Ice skating at the rink is on 4-year-old Angel Madrigal’s bucket list.
But he has one little reservation:

“It’s slippery,” said Angel.

For natural dancers, a larger ice rink means more room to play.

“I’ve dabbled but I wanna like go face first, like Michelle Quan,” said Martine Hyson.

Creating memorable moments is the bottom line for the city’s downtown partnership, where all profits are poured back into the next season.

“It’s all about creating an amazing experience,” Johl said.

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The rink will stay open through Jan. 21. It’ll open one hour earlier and close one hour later.