By Carlos Correa

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Education played a big role in the life of Alex Spanos, who spent most of his life giving back to the community both in Sacramento and in Stockton where he was born and went to school.

Spanos passed away surrounded by family. Loved ones and those impacted by his generosity are remembering his legacy.

Joy Chiang is a student at the University of the Pacific. She is working on two majors, music therapy and piano performance. She wouldn’t be able to study here without Spanos.

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“His legacy of giving and generosity has really impacted me as a student, being able to pursue my passions and my dream and finding my purpose here at Pacific would not be possible without his generosity,” said Chiang.

She is a proud recipient of a scholarship that was created in Spanos’ name.

The longtime resident found success as a real estate developer and as the owner of the chargers NFL franchise. He also wanted to help young people.

“Alex Spanos represented hope in so many ways. He didn’t start from a privileged background. He didn’t start with much at all, and he made his fortune starting here in Stockton,” Burnie Atterbury, vice-president, University of the Pacific.

Dr. Lewis D. Stallworth Senior Charter School was built back in 1997 in south Stockton with the help of Spanos. He donated more than $1 million to help construct the building.

“I’m getting emotional because I remember, what he did for us, for this community. It wasn’t just for this church or that Christian school. It has evolved to be a part of this community where lives are being changed and hearts are being changed,” said Gayle Stallworth, executive director of Dr. Lewis D. Stallworth, Sr. Charter School.

The school includes several pictures of the man who helped build it. It’s a school educators say has provided a place to learn for thousands of students.

“Stockton is in mourning again, but we celebrate what Mr. Spanos is to Stockton and we appreciate him. We will also be grateful to him and the family,” said Troy Dockery, bishop, Greater Christ Temple.

With his generosity, Spanos helped restore many of the buildings at the UOP campus. His scholarships will continue to help students reach their goals.


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