Jessica Morse’s Statement
I’m Jessica Morse and I’m ready to be the independent voice our community deserves in Washington. My ancestors crossed the Sierra in the 1890’s, and settled in Placer County. I grew up camping in the Sierra, fishing the American River and hunting with my dad. From serving as a civilian alongside our troops in Baghdad to serving as an advisor at US Pacific Command, I’ve dedicated my career to keeping our families safe and our troops at home. Serving at the State Department, I cut waste from our Iraq aid budget and I am committed to cutting wasteful spending in Washington. I confront tough challenges head on and focus on solutions rather than assigning blame. I know the challenges we face aren’t partisan and I’ll work for all members of our community from business owners to nurses to seniors. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or Democrat if you’re stuck at the Hwy 65 & 80 interchange or if you’re worried about whether your kids are safe at school. I’ll work with both parties for quality affordable healthcare, investment in infrastructure, affordable housing and reform of burdensome regulations. Our community deserves a fierce advocate that will work across the aisle on solutions that last centuries not just political cycles. It’s time to elect public servants, not politicians. Together, we can return public service back to politics. I’m Jessica Morse and I would be honored to earn your vote.

Tom McClintock’s Statement
Americans have always been the most prosperous, secure and happy when we’ve been the most free. Our Founders created a society in which we can make our own choices, enjoy the fruit of our own labors, take responsibility for our own decisions and lead our own lives with a minimum of bureaucratic interference and intrusion. Government protects our fundamental rights and leaves us otherwise alone to live as we see fit. We’re finally putting freedom back to work. The tax cuts and regulatory relief we’ve won are producing bigger paychecks, better jobs, and long overdue bonuses and raises for American families.

Enforcement of our immigration laws is finally putting Americans first. It’s working: the economic despair of the last decade is giving way to growth, opportunity and optimism once again. Whether we continue this progress or return to the failed policies of the past is the central issue in this election. We’ve seen what happens when an all-powerful government tries to command our economic decisions, micro-manage our daily lives, leave our borders wide open and consume more and more of our earnings. These failed policies placed our children in danger of becoming the first American generation to be less well off than their parents. Why would we want to go back? You sent me to Washington to fight for the policies we are now implementing, and they are working. I need your support to continue our progress. You can read more at


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