SAN RAFAEL (KPIX 5) – A San Rafael business has stepped up to foster 13 abandoned German Shepherd puppies and their mom after they were abandoned at a Stockton shelter.

The shelter is not equipped to handle the 14 dogs or give them the care needed, so a Martinez-based animal rescue, First Responder Animal ResQ, came through to pick them up and place them with a foster home – in this case, at a pet boarding firm.

“Petra” and her puppies were taken in by The Tail Haven, which offers pet boarding, daycare and grooming services in Lafayette and a newly-opened second facility in San Rafael which is where the dogs will be cared for.

“We’re not always in the right place at the right time to take in 14 German Shepherds, but we just happen to have a new 8,400 square foot facility,” said Emily Ronnow, owner of The Tail Haven.

The puppies are not quite three weeks old. Their eyes have only just now opened and they either sleep or run around full blast. Once they’re a bit older they will be up for adoption.

Until then, it won’t be easy for a mom dog to nurse 13 puppies. Despite the toll it takes on mom to nurse 13 puppies, Petra is still a friendly, gentle soul and enjoys the attention she receives.

“She’s obviously had a rough start and we’ll make sure that from here on out, the rest of her life is pretty good,” said Alexandra Clark, co-founder of First Responder Animal ResQ.

It’s also not easy for people to care for 14 dogs around the clock. But Tail Haven is getting support from community members who are contributing supplies to the foster effort.

  1. Erik Severson says:

    i would like have one please

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