By Steve Large

RIVERBANK (CBS13) – A takeover bank robbery in Riverbank has deputies on the hunt for three armed men.

They made their getaway after a Good Samaritan tried to stop them by blocking the suspects’ vehicle with his truck. And he recorded it all on video.

CBS13 obtained the heart-pounding cell phone video. It shows him driving towards the suspects in an effort to pin them in their vehicle, when the robbers back up, and one takes aim with their weapon out the window.

The Good Samaritan puts the phone down and you can hear the getaway car peeling away.

Kerry Harwood witnessed the confrontation.

“I think he went too far to the degree of putting his life in jeopardy,” Harwood said. “Following bank robbers to a court and trying to box them in, I don’t necessarily think that would have been the process I would have done.”

Photos from bank surveillance cameras show the scary scene minutes earlier.

Inside the Wells’s Fargo branch, a customer is seen lying on the floor as one robber is seen holding a gun – face covered with a ski mask and a hood. Another photo shows the same suspect leaping over a countertop.

And a third photo shows a different suspect with his face partially exposed.

This particular Riverbank Wells Fargo branch on Oakdale Road has been the target of takeover robberies before, most recently in May.

“Usually we catch them from tips of people that heard something or saw something,” said Stanislaus County Sheriff Deputy Raj Singh.

More photos show the robbers initial getaway car they abandoned after striking a bicyclist at the first crosswalk they drove through. The windshield is bashed in from the impact.

Deputies say the cyclist suffered moderate injuries but is expected to be OK.

The vehicle these suspects were last seen in is a black sedan, probably a Lexus.


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