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Jerry McNerney on the issues:

Businesses and Consumers
“I am a former small business owner, and my experience taught me firsthand about the challenges of starting and running a business. It is my goal to make opening up a business in our communities as easy as possible and to give business owners the tools to succeed. At a time when our country continues to feel the impact of the economic downturn, we should do all we can to encourage small business growth and expansion. I am also committed  to ensuring that consumer products are safe for American families. I hope that the resources here will provide practical information on how to grow businesses and protect consumers.” Read more

“I’m committed to creating family-wage jobs in our region. Providing economic opportunity for everyone will help build a robust local economy and a thriving middle class. I raised three kids in Northern California, and my family experienced periods of economic difficulty. I know what it’s like to worry about your financial well-being. That is why during times like these I believe it is important to provide necessary resources to help people access employment opportunities and job training programs. I invite you to stay in touch and also learn about a few employment resources below.Read more

“Agriculture is central to California’s economy, culture and way of life. California has over 81,000 farms that generate 800,000 jobs. Our state is also an integral part of our national food supply, producing nearly half of the U.S. grown fruits, nuts, and vegetables. I am committed to policies that provide safe food for our families and a fair marketplace for our farmers and ranchers.” Read more

Affordable Care Act
“It’s been nearly four years since Congress passed the Affordable Care Act. In that time, we’ve already seen some of its positive effects – young adults able to stay on their parents’ insurance longer, a reduction in waste and fraud in Medicare, the elimination of discrimination against pre-existing conditions, and more affordable prescription drugs for seniors.” Read more

Information from https://mcnerney.house.gov/

Marla Livengood on the issues:

Working Families
“Health Care, gas, utility and food costs continue to rise, while selfserving [sic] politicians continue to steal our hard-earned income. As a working mom, I work harder and longer each year to keep up with skyrocketing costs and taxes. As your representative I will tell Congress to step up or get out of the way.”

“We protect airports, banks, and government employees from violent threats. Yet, our kids are on their own. It terrifies me to know my kids are at risk at the very place they should feel the safest. As a mom, I demand protection for my kids -as your represesenative [sic], I will demand it!”

“Our multi-billion-dollar agriculture industry feeds the nation and the world, yet the state and federal government continues to hammer us with regulations. This is in large part because our Congressman represents his bay area neighbors as opposed to his Central Valley constituents. It is time our Ag Community had a voice in Congress again. I will be that voice.”

Information from http://www.marlalivengood.com