SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A search of a suspect’s storage unit uncovered a stash of weapons, ammunition and drugs in Sacramento County.

According to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, detectives have been investigating a suspect and recently served a search warrant at the person’s home and storage unit.

The stash of weapons found in the suspect's storage unit. (Credit: Sacramento County Sheriff's Department)

The stash of weapons found in the suspect’s storage unit. (Credit: Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department)

Inside the suspect’s home, 516 grams of processed marijuana, packing materials and $14,00 in cash was found.

More stuff was also found in the suspect’s storage unit. Detectives say eight weapons, several firearm magazines, ammunition, 411 grams of meth and 364 grams of heroin were found inside.

The suspect, whose name has not been released, was arrested and then booked at Sacramento County Jail.