STOCKTON (CBS13) — School administrators in Stockton are working to keep their campuses safe after a handful of students were recently robbed.

Parents will notice an increase in security around Lincoln High School and Village Oaks High School to help them feel safe after two different robberies that left students shaken up.

“We have increased patrols in the neighborhoods so that we have more of a presence as students are coming and going from school,” said Kelley Dextraze, superintendent, Lincoln Unified School District.

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Recently, three students at Village Oaks High School were robbed at gunpoint. Administrators say four young men in a silver four-door Infiniti with a sunroof and silver wheels was spotted fleeing the scene.

“Safety is our No. 1 concern. It is the most important thing that we do, keeping our students and our staff safe every day,” she said.

The second incident involved a Lincoln High School student who was robbed while walking home from school. The suspect jumped out of an older-model black Trailblazer, grabbing the victim’s backpack and cellphone. Administrators are teaching students how to avoid becoming a target.

“I think walking in groups is always important, I also think students should walk on streets where there are more traffic or more walkers so that they are more visible. We also suggest students not walk with their phones out,” said Dextraze.

The school district has sent emails to parents with a description of the vehicles. They hope anyone with information will come forward.

“All bits of information is important because they can all, ultimately can help us in getting resolutions to these types of issues,” she said.

Administrators are working with police to help identify the suspected vehicles.