CHICO (CBS13) — An eight-year-old child was handcuffed by officers in Chico this week, and it was all caught on camera.

The child was taken into custody by Butte County Sheriff’s Deputies near his elementary school, and now his parents plan to press charges.

Shaky cellphone video taken by an eyewitness on the scene shows eight-year-old Kayden on the ground, handcuffed by Butte County Deputies.

The sheriff’s office is said all present only wanted to keep the child safe.

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The child’s mother says she believes police acted inappropriately. The family said that Kayden has an anti-social disorder.

This was not the first time Kayden had wandered off campus at his elementary school so the family had a special procedure set up with the staff. The staff is instructed to trail behind and observe him until his mother comes to the scene.

His family shared pictures from after Kayden was handcuffed, showing abrasions that his parents claim were a result of police intervention.

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The deputies said in this most recent instance, the handcuffs were used as a last resort.

The Butte County Sheriff’s office is continuing to investigate the incident.

Comments (2)
  1. Eileen Kephart-Maxey says:

    What anti-social disorder? Autism? Whatever it was, the Chico cops blew it by handcuffing him without knowing the whole story. Have some compassion, folks.

  2. Gayle Branning Switzer says:

    where is the public outrage??? Had this been a black
    child everyone would be rioting in the streets

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