DAVIS (CBS13) — A 35-year-old man is dead after police say a woman shot him early Saturday morning.

The incident happened around 7 a.m. Saturday morning on F Street in Davis. Police questioned a 29-year-old woman and arrested her Saturday evening in connection to the shooting.

The suspect was identified as Hayley Katherine Gilligan. Gilligan was arrested on homicide charges and was taken to the Yolo County Jail.

One UC Davis student lives in the complex where it happened and said the gunshot woke her up.

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It just sounded like a pop, like a really loud pop, like a firework went off or something. And it was just one, it wasn’t multiple,” Ralelleah Moore said.

The victim has been identified as 35-year-old Jamie Kinseth.


  1. Rick Dozier says:

    When you shoot to protect you , your family, or your property you should not be arrested. We have lost sight of whats right and whats wrong in the country especially in Commifornia.