By Shirin Rajaee

ELK GROVE (CBS13) — Racing toward the flames, a good Samaritan pulled three victims out of a fiery crash Sunday morning in Elk Grove. The truck crashed into a tree on a tree on Laguna Boulevard near Babson Drive.

The vehicle burst into flames, trapping the passengers inside when a neighbor jumped into action.

With no hesitation or fear for his own life, Jeff Garrett darted toward the truck engulfed in flames outside of his home.

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“I was more afraid of what I would see inside the vehicle, than the car on fire,” Garrett said. “I heard her crying, opened her door and she was in bad shape, injured, tied up in her seat belt, she wasn’t able to get up on her own.”

He went in rescuing passengers one by one — first carrying the woman in the back seat and then the driver who he saw was on fire.

“I heard a gentleman cry out for pain for the driver’s seat,” Garrett said. “The fire was progressed in the cab of the truck (and) his leg was in the fire.”

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Due to the impact, the driver and others were trapped in the cab, unable to unlatch their seatbelts. Garrett was able to undo the driver’s seatbelt, and luckily, the driver was able to stand up.

After the driver was rescued, the third passenger had fallen out of the car and Garrett did what he could to drag them away from the fire quickly.

“There were massive flames, the car had blown up, the entire interior of the car was in engulfed in flames,” Garrett said.

Garrett said he’s just glad he was there. And his family said they’re proud of his heroic actions.

The two men pulled from the crash are doing OK, but there is no word on the woman’s condition.


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