SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — New information has surfaced in the case of Candice De Anda, the young mother found dead in Del Paso Heights.

A man named Eddie Tillman, the name of De Anda’s husband, has been booked in the Sacramento County Jail on homicide and domestic violence charges. While police are not confirming that De Anda’s husband was involved in the case, the booking matches her husband’s name and birth year.

Police are not releasing much information in this investigation but CBS13’s Marc Thompson spoke with the mother of the victim who said she’s devastated at the loss of her daughter and that she always worried about her daughter’s relationship with Tillman.

Pictures from De Anda’s Facebook page show her and her husband, Eddie Tillman, as a happy couple raising two young daughters. But beneath the surface family says the pair often argued and had a turbulent relationship.

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Candice’s mother Olivia De Anda spoke about their relationship on Sunday.

“I knew my daughter was not safe with him, but she went…against my advice not to be with him,” Olivia De Anda said.

Candice went missing last Tuesday. After a follow-up visit, Friday night, detectives discovered her body inside her car near the couple’s home in Del Paso Heights.

Tillman was booked in the Sacramento County Jail Saturday night on a murder charge.

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As for the couple’s children, Olivia said she’s taking care of the 8-month-old the Candice and Eddie had together and the other daughter is with Tillman’s family. She says Candice was a great mom and lived for her girls, and the family is devastated over the tragic loss.

“Oh god, it’s hard. It’s never going to mend. It’s never going to heal,” Olivia De Anda said.

Police have still not released the details of Candice’s death and the case is still under investigation. Additionally, police are not confirming that her husband is a suspect, despite the fact that a man by his name is being held in jail on murder and domestic violence charges.


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