COLUSA (CBS13) — Colusa is rallying behind the family of a teen murdered two decades ago, Erik Ingebretsen.

Erik was 16 years old when his best friends murdered him in 1997, leaving his body in a field. One of the killers, Nathan Ramazzini, was under 18 at the time and was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Ramazzini is now 38.

Because he was a minor, SB9 which was adopted into law in 2013, is letting Ramazzini petition to be paroled.

Erik’s family is upset by this new law and his sister said she does not want this to happen.

“It’s a slap in the victims face, to tell us what we experienced no longer matters… that what’s more important is to put criminals rights ahead of victim’s rights,” Erik’s sister Devin Lombardi said.

The re-sentencing hearing for Ramazzini is scheduled for Tuesday in Colusa.


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