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Jeff Denham on the issues:

“California is number one in the nation in agricultural revenue. Our state’s 76,400 farms and ranches produce over 400 commodities and drive our economy with a record $47 billion in product value. California farms produce nearly half of U.S.-grown fr…” Read more

Defense and National Security
“Since Sept. 11, 2001, the United States has led a coalition of nations in the global War on Terror. The sacrifice borne by American servicemembers provides a stark reminder that the costs of freedom are high and that we have an obligation to provide…” Read more

Economy and Jobs
“Since 2011, the unemployment rate in our district has gone from over 17 percent to just under 7 percent thanks to pro-growth policies that reduce burdens on Valley small businesses, lower our taxes, and promote the free market. We must continue to f…” Read more

“As a father, I share the concerns of our nation’s parents about the quality of education and its effect on current and future generations. The success of our nation depends on a strong education system and greater opportunities for students.” Read more

“I support an all-of-the-above energy strategy that will create jobs, grow our economy, and reduce our nation’s dependence on energy from hostile foreign countries. I have voted for legislation to remove bureaucratic red tape and promote the developm…” Read more

Financial Services
“Recently the American people were faced with one of the most dramatic declines in the financial services industry in the last 100 years. The result of the decline has left countless Americans jobless, depleted retirement savings, and saw the availab…” Read more

Foreign Affairs
“I am committed to supporting a free and open democratic process across the world. In this light we must continue our strong friendship with Israel, our strongest democratic ally in the Middle East, and we must take seriously any threats from rogue s…” Read more

Government Waste
“One of the great truths about the American people is that we are practical thinkers. We work hard to make money for our families, and we seek out solutions that cut through the binds of ideology and down to the core principles of common sense. I bel…” Read more

“For updates about healthcare legislation in America, click here. All Americans deserve access to healthcare and to be in control of the type of care they receive. Unfortunately, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has proven to be far too costly and is no…” Read more

“Homelessness is one of the biggest problems we face in the Central Valley, and I’m doing my part to support legislation and programs at the federal level to address this, especially when it comes to homeless youth, mothers and veterans. When federal…” Read more

Human Trafficking
“More reported human trafficking activity occurs in California than any other state, with 1,305 reported cases in 2017, according to the National Human Trafficking Hotline. The next highest number of cases was Texas with 792. To make matters worse, 4…” Read more

“I believe our immigration system is broken and in need of top-to-bottom reform. Our nation’s current laws are lacking in addressing today’s problems and we have an opportunity to find an American solution. I support providing an earned path to citiz…” Read more

Spending Cuts and Debt
“Since being elected, I have worked to get federal spending under control. During my first term, we were able to cut discretionary spending by $95 billion. Importantly, there were no earmarks in any bill we passed. In fact, we cut total domestic disc…” Read more

Tax Reform
“As you know, the tax code in this country is vast, often contradictory and indecipherable. On average, more than one new tax provision has been added to the tax code each day, with nearly 4,500 changes in the last decade. As a result of our current…” Read more

Transportation & Infrastructure
Few issues are more important to California than its transportation and infrastructure. I requested assignment to the congressional committee responsible for transportation specifically so that I could stress the needs of the Central Valley here in … Read more

“I am proud to have served my country in the United States Air Force, and I have tremendous respect for America’s military men and women who have consistently served our country with honor and valor. The freedoms and liberties that we enjoy today are…” Read more

“Water is the lifeblood of our valley, and ensuring a safe and secure water supply is a top priority for me in Congress. Our farms, rivers, businesses and communities need a reliable and clean source of water for a successful and prosperous future.” Read more

Information from https://denham.house.gov/


Josh Harder on the issues:

“I was raised right here in the Valley and I know how important issues like affordable healthcare are to Valley families. When my brother needed surgeries as a child for his
pre-existing condition, my parents could afford his treatment thanks to their health insurance. But many local families aren’t so lucky. I’m running to stand up for every family, fight for affordable health care, and put the Valley first again.” Read more

“Political games won’t fix our broken immigration system and bring real change. The strength to stand up to party leaders and work with anyone to pass bipartisan reform
will. That’s what I’ll do in Congress.” Read more

“In my business career, I have helped entrepreneurs and small companies develop their ideas and grow high-paying jobs. As your Representative, I will work to help small businesses and working-class Americans have the opportunities they need to be successful.” Read more

“Water has been the critical issue for agriculture in the Valley since my great-great-grandfather began farming in Manteca more than 170 years ago, and we will never solve our problems by shipping it to Southern California. For too long, politicians have haggled over our water crisis instead of working to solve it. I’ll work with Republicans and Democrats alike to find solutions to secure our water supply for future generations.” Read more

Electoral Reform
“Corporate greed and Super PACs are corrupting our political system and nowhere is that more obvious than in our electoral process. Jeff Denham has been bought and sold by corporations and the Republican party, taking more than 70% of his contributions from special interests. That is why I have taken a pledge to refuse Corporate PAC donations.” Read more

Women’s Rights
“I will be a fierce advocate for women’s rights, including supporting their economic security and reproductive rights. I will defend Planned Parenthood against attacks to stop reimbursement for critical medical care like cancer screenings and STD testing.” Read more

“I was educated in the public schools of Turlock and Modesto, and I firmly believe in the power of public education to create opportunity, because that is what it did for me. I am committed to ensuring that every child in the Central Valley has access to a world-class education that will prepare them for any future.” Read more

Gun Control
“Our country is plagued by school shootings, gun-related suicide, and gang-related shootings. Here in California, we stepped up to reduce gun violence and have since seen the effectiveness of 10-day waiting periods, assault weapons restrictions, and background checks. Instead of advocating to take these successes nationwide, Denham has looked to undermine California state and local laws, endanger our law enforcement, and make it easier for dangerous individuals to walk around carrying guns. It’s clear that he has been bought by the NRA and the gun industry.” Read more

“Josh’s grandfather served two tours in Vietnam and Korea. Josh grew up hearing stories about his grandfather’s tours abroad and understands the dire need to take care of the veterans like his grandfather who have sacrificed so much for this nation. Increasing educational benefits, investing in job training, and expanding job placement services for veterans are top priorities for Josh. He will also work to provide our troops with high quality mental health care and substance abuse treatment while they serve and after they come home.” Read more

Housing and Homelessness
“Day by day, housing prices are rapidly increasing driving our neighbors, family members and friends from our community.  Some move away and some are driven into homelessness.  It is clear to me: We need more folks in Washington, D.C. tackling this housing crisis, and when elected, I will make this one of my priorities.” Read more

Defend The Rights Of People With Disabilities
“While the Americans with Disabilities Act was an important step forward in our nation’s history, we still have a lot of work left to assure our laws are updated for the challenges that disabled Americans face in the 21st century. In Congress, I will work every day to make sure no one’s voice is excluded from the halls of government—and that includes Americans with disabilities. I will ensure that everyone with a disability—especially seniors, students, and those looking for work—can pursue independent and dignified lives with confidence and without fear of exclusion from their communities.” Read more

Information from https://www.harderforcongress.com