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Gavin Newsom on the issues:

California Values
“Gavin has boldly led the charge for major social change campaigns his whole life. He has fought for what’s right and won results that are making a real difference in people’s lives. He believes that the state government ought to reflect the values of its people, not the other way around. More than ever, America needs California’s example, to prove that old fears and prejudices need not be the new normal, and to match resistance with results.” Read more

Child Poverty
“Gavin is proposing a two pronged strategy to ensure equal access to opportunity and prosperity for all of our children. First, we must do more to help young people and their families who are currently living in poverty. Second, those efforts must be part of a broader strategy to break the cycle of multi-generational poverty through education and creating real opportunities for economic advancement for every child.” Read more

Economic Development
“I’m focused on building an upward economy that works for every Californian – one that is measured by growth and inclusion. Fighting income inequality and unequal opportunity is the defining economic challenge of our time, and California must face it head on.” Read more

“As Governor, Gavin is calling for the California Promise, a new way of thinking about education as a lifelong pursuit. He believes that our role begins when babies are still in the womb and it doesn’t end until we’ve done all we can to prepare them for a quality job and successful career.” Read more

“Our state must remain at the forefront of environmental leadership as we tackle some of the planet’s greatest challenges…California will continue to lead the nation and the world in clean energy, conservation, and the fight against climate change. Gavin knows that California does not have to wait for Washington to be a global leader on any issue — and certainly not when it comes to energy, the environment and the economy.” Read more

“My father came to the United States when he was 14 years old – alone and penniless. He became a farmworker in the fields of Lodi, California, and later attended Sacramento State University on a waiter’s salary. He started his own business, where I was proud to work with him side-by-side for nearly 18 years, rising from project manager to president. I have personally walked the path of the American Dream, and I deeply understand the value of California’s immigrant communities.” Read more

Housing and Homelessness
“Providing adequate housing is fundamental to growing the state’s economy. The current housing shortage is costing California over $140 billion per year in lost economic opportunity. Creating jobs without providing access to housing drives income inequality up and consumer spending down. The simple fact is the more money people need to spend on rent, the less they can spend supporting small businesses. Employers, meanwhile, are rightfully concerned that the high cost of housing will impede their ability to attract and retain the best workers.” Read more

Information taken from https://gavinnewsom.com.


John Cox on the issues:

“The most urgent need right now is to repeal the new vehicle license and gas tax increases…Millions of Californians are struggling. They are the forgotten ones falling through the cracks. Their choices are either working two or three jobs to afford basic housing, groceries, and energy, or moving their families out of California. John Cox vows as Governor to take on the special interests and, in his words, “clean out the barn”.” Read more

Environment & Energy
“John Cox supports clean energy efforts and that begins at home by driving an electric car. He opposes any new or expanded offshore oil drilling because he believe its important to focus on what we can do to ensure we protect California’s coastline, natural habitat and ocean waters. As Governor, John Cox will work to continue California’s environmental stewardship by working to expand clean energy options.” Read more

“I believe that Charter schools are certainly part of the solution and I support them…I am a big believer in local control and that school districts need to be able to provide the right choices for their parents and children. I don’t believe in a one size fits all model because we have to give districts, teachers and parents the opportunity to make the right choices for their kids.” Read more

Health Care
“John Cox will take on Pharma, the HMO’s and the insurance companies and put health care consumers back in charge.”  Read more

“By rapidly increasing the supply of affordable housing, we can help those people help themselves, and then focus on treatment options for the mentally ill and substance addicts. Two different problems. Two different solutions. John Cox will prioritize them both.” Read more

“It shouldn’t cost twice as much to build a house in California as in other states. John Cox spent decades building and renovating housing in other states at less than half the California cost. Red tape, taxes, sweetheart contract deals, fees and outdated environmental rules have created this problem. The answer is to streamline the approval process for building housing and remove the artificial barriers put in place by the lobbyists and politicians.” Read more

“Cox favors what he calls “smart immigration” that favors those with skills needed to fill specific worker shortages instead of competing with Americans for jobs. He also supports securing the border to stem the flow of illegal guns and human trafficking that’s plaguing our inner cities.” Read more

“Cox opposes the High Speed Rail Project… He believes that we can better invest in roads, highways and more efficient transit projects. As Governor he will call for CEQA Reform for Highway Projects (modeled on prior legislation affecting sports stadiums; exceptions for threats to health and safety, Native American heritage sites, etc.).”  Read more

Water & Agriculture
“The complete failure of the Sacramento establishment to provide the necessary funding, authorization, and will to build adequate surface water storage is the single greatest reason California continues to suffer unnecessary water shortages. Even the most recent approval of funds by the California Water Commission for both the Sites and Temperance Flat reservoirs are but a fraction of the funds needed to complete these two vital water storage projects. John Cox will prioritize these projects and also bring the focus back to protecting farmers, ranchers and our food supply.” Read more

Information from https://johncoxforgovernor.com/.


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