SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A new poll finds a Democratic enthusiasm in California among likely voters and bad news for the state’s gas tax repeal and rent control measures.

Most interestingly, nearly a quarter of likely voters polled said they would not vote in the U.S. Senate race between Sen. Dianne Feinstein and state Sen. Kevin de Leon.

The Public Policy Institute of California released the poll on Monday night.

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Feinstein holds a 43-27 edge over de Leon, but that’s just 70 percent of the electorate. In all, 23 percent of likely voters say they won’t vote in the race, with the rest saying they’re undecided. Of those who said they wouldn’t vote, 51 percent are Republicans and 22 percent are independents.

The poll finds Democrat Gavin Newsom still has a strong lead over Republican John Cox at 49-38. Both hold strong support of more than 80 percent in their own party with Cox holding a five percent edge over independents.

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Proposition 6, a measure to repeal California’s gas tax increase, has gained some support, but still trails by a 48-41 margin in the polls. It’s drawing strong support from voters who said the measure was very important to them.

Proposition 10, which would repeal the 1995 Costa-Hawkins Act, is facing heavy opposition with 60 percent of likely voters saying they would vote against it. About 15 percent said they were undecided.

On a federal level, President Donald Trump and Congress get low marks from California residents, with 29 and 25 percent approval ratings respectively. About 57 percent believe the country is going in the wrong direction.