By Lemor Abrams

YOLO COUNTY (CBS13) — A Yolo County Judge has decided to uphold the 21-year-old Daniel Marsh’s life prison sentence for the 2013 mutilation murders of an elderly Davis couple.

“This was really hard but we’re relieved,” said Victoria Hurd, the daughter of one of the victims. Victims families were in tears again, 5 years after the then 16-year-old was sentenced.

“Literally felt like they ripped the band-aid off a wound that we had spent the last few years really trying to heal,” said Sarah Rice, the victim’s granddaughter.

The case was reopened after the passing of “Proposition 57″ which was approved by voters in 2016. The law required a juvenile court judge to review whether Marsh, who was 15 when he committed his brutal murders, would be capable of being rehabilitated, and ultimately eligible for release at the age of 25.

“I felt very confident that the judge would see just how horrific, how graphic, how sophisticated he was, and how calculated,” said Deputy Prosecutor Amanda Zambor.

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Last week as part of the review process, Marsh testified that he is a different person than the teenager who admitted to torturing and killing an elderly Davis couple. The judge didn’t think so and even went on to recount the horror.

A 15-year-old Marsh snuck into the Davis home of a husband and wife as the couple slept. Using a hunting knife, he tortured 87-year-old Oliver Northup and 76-year-old Claudia Maupin before eventually hacking apart their bodies.

“This is a nightmare I live every night. Something I think about every night when I go to sleep,” said Rice.

Rice believes the town of Davis can sleep easy again, knowing her grandparent’s killer will stay behind bars for life.


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