GIBSON RANCH (CBS13) — Gibson Ranch held their annual pumpkin festival Sunday thanks to community members across Sacramento.

Ranch workers said 90 percent of the pumpkins were stolen late Friday night. After posting about the theft on social media, the ranch said they received dozens of pumpkin donations from anonymous donors.

The ranch continued their festivities Saturday and said they managed to have some pumpkins left for the kids. Management emphasized that despite the lack of pumpkins, they didn’t want to take away from all of the fun and activities they still had available for families.

“”…I mean my faith’s restored. They’re just some low lives, I guess every community has them. But there’s so many more high lives, as we saw yesterday, early morning, early afternoon. What a great place to live… out here,” said Doug Ose, Manager at Gibson Ranch.

Sunday was the last day of Gibson Ranch’s pumpkin festival.

  1. Ali Ackbarh says:

    “90% of their pumpkins were stolen.”

    So, nine of their pumpkins were stolen?