ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Police are still investigating a shooting that happened at a popular shopping center in Roseville.

The shooting happened Saturday at about 11:30 p.m. outside of the Dave & Busters at the Fountains at Roseville, forcing some people to take cover inside a closet.

One of those people, Cameron Oates, described the ordeal says it was a scary moment.

“Pow, pow, pow, like gun sounds. Then we all started running,” he said.

Oates was one of 13 people other people who took in a closet inside Dave & Busters after hearing gunshots outside the restaurant.

“A lot of us were scared. A lady and her kid were crying inside the closet,” he said.

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Just a few doors down at Zocalo restaurant, Martin Anaya and his family also heard the shots.

“You heard the shots ring out. There were five shots. Three and then two,” he said.

They too hurried to find a hiding place.

“Half of us kind of secured in the bathroom and tried to lock inside the bathroom,” he said.

Back at Dave & Busters, Cameron starting recording a Facebook live video to alert family and friends about what was going on.

What exactly took place is under investigation, but Roseville police say two people were transported to the hospital with gunshot wounds and are expected to survive.

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Anaya says the shooting is a wakeup call.

“I really think that it’s important that people are vigilant where you are. Because anywhere you are can become a crime scene,” he said.

As for Oates, although he’s still shaken up, he plans to continue to hang out at the Dave & Busters.

“This place is my safe haven so I love it here. Everyone there is my family,” he said.

CBS13 is still working to get more information from police, including whether or not they have any suspect in custody.