SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A city as old as Sacramento is bound to have a few place where otherworldly residents reside.

But some of them may not be the first ones that come to mind.


The costume design room at the nearly 75-year-old Sacramento Theatre Company has plenty of human activity, but it can also be quite busy when no one is here.

You’d expect that from a place that has a ghost highway. Spools of thread and dress forms have been known to move around. The sound of a sewing machine isn’t scary, unless nobody is around.

Several spirits have been known to show up, including a pair of ill-fated lovers, Joan the Seamstress, The Tall Man, and the most famous of them all Pinky, who may be in the background of this photo.

Whatever that is, it wasn’t there when this costumed witch took the selfie.


If like a little fast-food with your fear, or some late-night fries with your fiends, you might want to drop by the Burger King on Stockton Boulevard near Florin Road.

The story goes that long ago, someone killed the manager of the store then himself. Now, disembodied screaming and ghostly gunfire can be heard long after closing.


There’s a spot right next to Highway 50 along the W-X viaduct that looks like a good spot to hitch a ride. Yeah, don’t.

That’s because as the legend goes, a woman was hitchhiking in the area, right around 15th and W streets, when she was murdered. Her restless spirit has been reported by drivers in the area who say they’ve seen a female silhouette lurking in the area looking for a ride.


The name Paradise Beach seems like a place that would be free of spooks, but this place near Sacramento State has seen its share of paranormal activity. Visitors have reported seeing the ghost of a man said to have drowned there while walking along the shoreline.


The founder of Iceland Skating Rink is said to enjoy a good trip from the ethereal plane.

Former Sacramento City Councilman Rob Kerth’s grandfather is said to still roam the ice rink during the foggy Sacramento nights.

“My granddad built this place in 1940 and it’s been in the family ever since,” Kerth said. “What they would see is a swirl in the fog that would move along, like somebody was walking down the side of the rink in the swirl and then it would stop, and the swirl would go away and then pretty soon the swirl would start up again and it would move out the front.”

In case you wanted to meet Pops, Iceland opens on Halloween.