SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Ninth Street between R and S in downtown Sacramento is back open after being closed off while police investigated calls of a suspicious package. The call came from the California Democratic Party headquarters.

“It was a thin package and that it was addressed to Tom Perez, the chairman of the Democratic Party,” said Frank O’Connor, a California Democratic Party volunteer.

O’Connor was shocked to see the headquarters evacuated Wednesday morning due to reports of a suspicious package.

“We hope to live in a safe and sane society when this kind of thing happens it just reminds us of the craziness out there,” he said.

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Sacramento police say the call came in at 10:45 a.m. Wednesday. Employees inside the California Democratic headquarters came across a suspicious piece of mail and immediately alerted the police department.

“Our explosive ordinance detail quickly responded and they along with the FBI, the U.S. Postal Office and the Sacramento City Fire Department were able to determine that that piece of mail was not dangerous,” said Officer Marcus Basquez of the Sacramento Police Department.

This comes as a flurry of suspicious packages and devices have been found in numerous cities. Just last Friday, a worker at a Sacramento postal facility found a suspicious package addressed to California Senator Kamala Harris.

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The senator’s office said it looked similar to other packages made of explosive material that were found across the country last week.

It’s why Sacramento police say extra precaution is vital.

“With the heightened awareness obviously of suspicious packages showing up everywhere, we actually encourage people if they come across anything suspicious to don’t hesitate. Please call the police department,” Basquez said.

As for Frank, he’s hoping that heightened awareness won’t be necessary for too long.

Police won’t say what exactly was in that package or what it looked like. They say it’s still an ongoing investigation.