By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A 9-year-old boy is recovering after getting shot inside his North Sacramento home by a bullet from a drive-by shooting.

Gabriel Martinez in back home with his family after a trip to the hospital.

“I’m good,” Martinez said. “I heard two gunshots and then I felt a lot of pain.”

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He’s trying to stay comfortable on the family couch now with a bullet is still lodged in his leg. The bullet from a drive-by shooting pierced through the outside of his family’s home. It flew into his bedroom, under his bed, and hit him as he lay on his floor.

“It stinged,” Martinez said.

Gabriel’s father and mother heard his cries and rushed into his room to find their son’s pants bloodied.

Gabriel’s mother recounted the instant panic that set in.

“I wasn’t even thinking,” Maria Martinez said. ”It was just not real.”

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It is a moment that sent the house, into chaos.

“When you put ‘em to sleep and you give them a goodnight kiss, you never think that might be the last one,” Martinez said.

She called 9-1-1 and police and paramedics arrived quickly. She tried consoling her son.

“And what he told me is, ‘Mom, don’t cry, because if you cry, I cry,’” Maria Martinez said.

In the hospital, a first responder made a promise that Gabriel has not forgotten.

“While I was in the hospital this firefighter said that I could go to his firehouse when I get good,” Martinez said.

With a bullet in his leg, 9-year-old Gabriel Martinez is still showing the spirit of a carefree boy, even after the introduction to the dangerous world, forced on him way too soon.

Sacramento police are investigating the shooting. So far they have not released a motive or a suspect description.