SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The tension outside the state Capitol was loud and visible, but Sunday’s political rally, for the most part, remained peaceful.

Around 300 people converged on either side of 10th Street for the rally that started at noon. Law enforcement used the road in front of the Capitol as a natural divider to keep rally attendees and counter-protesters separated.

Organizers of Turn California Red used the state Capitol platform to drum up support for the Republican Party and get people out to vote in the midterms.

“Repeal the gas tax,” said organizer Jeffrey Perrine speaking on platform issues. “SB-45. I would like to promote the immigration laws, things like that more conservative values” he said.

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Officers with Sacramento Police and CHP provided a visible presence on bikes and horseback to keep the peace as counter-protesters pushed forward.

“I don’t think such hateful groups like this should be anywhere in Sacramento,” said Jewels Miller, while standing with fellow counter-protesters.

But organizers including Chris Ross insist hate is not the message. Ross founded California Conservatives Unite and says the Republican Party has been mislabeled and misunderstood in California, and now they’re looking to change the narrative. Ross inviting people of all races, genders, and beliefs to give the GOP another chance.

“We’re seeing a new face of the conservative movement that is a lot more inclusive,” Ross said.

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Transgender Trump supporter, Amber Cummings was at the rally to defend her unique position and support the conservative cause.

“They label us as white supremacists and all that nonsense, which is absolutely absurd because there’s no white supremacist around that would accept an LGBT person,” she said.

Despite the inclusive tone, the voices and views Saturday were still overwhelmingly opposed. The crowds remained forcefully divided, and the lines clearly are drawn.

Police made one arrest. A man was taken into custody for challenging someone to a fight.

  1. Jack Peiffer says:

    So the peaceful, permitted Republican march promoting the need to vote was described as hateful? Disruptive? Let us never forget the hate,violence,and disruptions to political marches have without fail come from the Democrat party and the failed liberal attackers, the masked, the violent, the destructive!

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