WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Backers of Proposition 6, the push to repeal California’s new gas tax, are giving away free gas in a push to get people to the polls.

At several gas stations around the state Monday morning, organizers were signing up drivers to win $50 gas cards.

Anyone could enter the drawing no matter how they plan on voting because it’s illegal to pay people to vote a certain way.

Leaders of the Yes on 6 campaign are also considering legal action because they say the ballot language for the proposition is misleading.  The campaign claims the state attorney general altered the title from gas tax repeal to eliminate road repair funding. They say it’s tricking people into voting no when they wanted to vote in favor of the repeal.

The No on 6 campaign says the measure takes away the 12 cent gas tax increase, which funds billions in transportation projects.

“We know very clearly from polling that if people just look at the label–we’re in trouble,” said John Coupal with the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. “But if they look and see that Prop. 6 is the repeal of the gas tax, then people will overwhelmingly support it.”

Yes on 6 campaigners have also announced plans to launch a recall campaign against California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

In response free gas drawing, the No on 6 campaign issued the following statement:

“It is illegal to offer anything of value for a pledge to vote, and our campaign will be taking legal action to address this desperate stunt. More importantly, voters need to know that Prop 6 is a dangerous measure that eliminates $5 billion in funding for California’s crumbling roads and bridges.”