LOS ANGELES (AP) – Community members have raised more than $100,000 for a Los Angeles-area teacher captured on video punching a student who had repeatedly called him a racial slur and other names.

By Tuesday, a Gofundme page had raised more than double the stated goal of $50,000 for Marston Riley, a music teacher at Maywood Academy High School.

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Video on social media shows Riley, who is black, repeatedly hitting the student, who returns some blows. Before the scuffle, the video showed the student throwing a basketball at the 64-year-old Riley and calling him names.

The student was treated for minor injuries, and Riley was released on bond after being arrested on suspicion of child abuse.

The school district says administrators have met with students, staff and parents “to begin the healing process.”


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Comments (4)
  1. Larz Larzen says:

    Sorry – you never strike a 14 year old no matter what kind of brat he is. You have him taken to the Principle for determination of disciplinary action. This teacher is going to need every bit of that Go Fund Me cash, and then some. He should be fired, and jailed.

  2. Eileen Kephart-Maxey says:

    Many high school kids these days are monsters (ask any teacher) , and the “kid” was provoking the instructor physically and by calling him racist names. The teacher was fully justified in hitting the violent-beyond-his-14 years student; it’s called self-defense, Larz. I hope the instructor is allowed to stay on at the school and that the racist thug who provoked him is expelled. Obvious you didn’t learn much in school Larz (if that’s really your name) or you would have spelled “Principal” correctly.

  3. Sharon Cecil says:

    Retire! Kids can be challenging and you cannot hit them.It is illegal.
    Defund the criminal disguised as a teacher.

  4. Licinia says:

    Teacher should be fired. Punching a kid like that is inexcusable.