SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Proposition 6 has failed, the Associated Press has projected. Prop 6 sought to repeal last year’s decision by the Democratic-led Legislature to raise fuel taxes and vehicle fees to pay for roughly $5 billion a year in highway and road improvements and transit programs.

Republicans and Democrats agree the sprawling state, known for its car culture, needs a transportation overhaul, with suburban commuters clamoring for better freeways and urban dwellers demanding mass transit.

Propositions & Ballot Measures: 2018 California Midterm Election Results

Fuel and vehicle taxes recently passed by the Legislature continue to be in effect and pay for highway and road maintenance and repairs, as well as transit programs. The Legislature will continue to not require voter approval for new or increased state fuel and vehicle taxes in the future.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the transportation deal last year to raise $52 billion over a decade for road and bridge repairs. Nearly half the money will come from fuel taxes, with a 12 cent-per-gallon boost in gasoline excise taxes that took effect last November.

The repeal initiative — a constitutional amendment proposed by San Diego talk radio host and Republican former councilman Carl DeMaio — was backed by Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox and taxpayer advocates. It was opposed by the construction industry and firefighter unions.