SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Eleni Kounalakis is California’s new Lieutenant Governor. She beat fellow Democrat Dr. Ed Hernandez to win office.

With 97.2 percent of precincts reporting Wednesday morning, Kounalakis was declared the winter with 55.65 percent of the vote.

Kounalakis is a former Ambassador to Hungary, where she served from 2010-2013 under President Barack Obama. She also served on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign as a fundraiser and a member of her foreign advisory team.

She is the daughter of Angelo Tsakopoulos, a well known Sacramento developer. She started her career as a real estate developer.

Kounalakis has a BA in English from Dartmouth and an MBA from UC Berkeley.

She and her husband, Markos, have two sons.

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  2. Martin Foster says:

    before I began ,I send my respects to you and the elite of the California government… hello my name is Martin Lee foster, D.O.B 06/12/1983.To began I sent Governor Gavin Newsom a letter in hopes he could help me get justice and assistance with a very serious civil rights violation ,that involved the Sacramento Sheriffs department for illegal strip search in the county jail. Also the Sacramento police department withheld evidenced to make an arrest..since then these violations led to months of harassments that were life and death situations.I was put in another illegal strip search that was done with a uncovered cctv camera.becuse I would not house on a floor that is designed to keep east and west separate.To grow into one of the largest police cover up involving innocent familys,busnesses,and , government employees,, check the county for the arrest yesterday
    .my life is constantly threatened.there are numerous accounts that put pubic safety at risk.

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