STOCKTON – Classes at a Stockton elementary school are back in session after a scary situation involving at least ten students who suddenly became ill, some even passing out.

The incident is being investigated, but several concerned parents say they are scared to take their children back to campus.

Haliam Gentry received an alarming message from her daughter’s school Wednesday. It was an alert about an incident involving several students.

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“I checked our voicemails, and it said ten or more kids passed out for unknown reasons,” she said.

The Stockton Unified School District confirms a few students at Hong Kingston Elementary School did experience light headedness and some even passed out. The reason is still being investigated.

“I don’t know where it was, if it’s airborne, if it’s not airborne, it it’s contagious in anyway. Are these kids going to get sick? I don’t want mine to get sick. I need a little bit more answers, before I let her return back to school,” she said.

First responders examined the students. Four of the kids were taken to area hospitals for further testing. In a statement, administrators say all students were reported as stable and none were admitted.

“We are sending our kids here with you guys, we are entrusting you with them and our kids get sick and you don’t have anything to say to us about it, other than it’s under investigation. I need more answers,” said parent Lanikka Harris.

The elementary school was placed on what administrators said was a soft lockdown for a brief period to give first responders easy access to the sick students. Administrators say the cafeteria, the campus food and the air were tested and cleared.

“I just feel like the school should not be open the very next day. If you do not know what is going on inside of these walls, I feel like my son is not safe. If you do not know what is going on then why is the school open?” she said.

School administrators said they are working with police and firefighters to determine the cause. They say the investigation is on-going.


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