STANISLAUS COUNTY (CBS13) — The race for California’s Congressional 10th District between Republican incumbent Jeff Denham and Democrat Josh Harder is not over yet as Harder took the lead Friday.

According to the Stanislaus County Clerk’s office, Harder lead over Denham by 2,788 votes. On Wednesday Denham held the lead by 1,300 votes.

As of Friday night, Harder had 72,101 votes (50.99%) while Denham had 69,313 votes (49.01%).

Harder released a statement Friday reading:

“Today’s results are extremely encouraging. With the new vote tally, we’re ahead by over 3,300 votes with Stanislaus County nearly finished with its count. We will continue to work each day to ensure every vote counts in this election. I want to thank the thousands of local volunteers who knocked on doors and made phone calls for our campaign. Your work has made the difference. We look forward to the next update in the vote count and if the trend continues, I will work every single day in Congress to put the Central Valley first.”

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Stanislaus County Clerk-Recorder Lee Lundrigan said a total of 143,627 ballots have been counted by Friday. Lundrigan said 17,700 ballots remain to be processed including 11,000 provisionally voted ballots, 700 conditionally voted ballots and 6,000 miscellaneous and remaining vote by mail ballots.

This comes after problems at several polling places in Stanislaus County and an attempt to keep the doors open longer so people can vote. Hours after the polls opened, election observers began receiving complaints at 35 of the 147 polling places in Stanislaus County.

California law requires certification of the election on or before Dec. 6, 30 days following the Election.

  1. This is disgusting. Voter integrity needs to be established, voting processes need to be reformed