By Carlos Correa

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Neighbors in north Stockton are devastated after a young father, 23-year-old Chris Dorsey, was shot and killed as he walked to a nearby restaurant with a friend.

It happened in the 700 block of El Camino Avenue just blocks away from his grandmother’s home where he was spending the night.

Dorsey, who just became a father three months ago, was visiting family in north Stockton when the shooting happened.  Loved ones say he was playing video games in the garage when he started getting hungry.

“Many times, the boys would walk down to McDonald’s, you know, to buy food. That was kind of a ritual for them, something to do. They would get their food and come back here, and play their games,” said Rebecca Affonso, the victim’s grandmother.

According to investigators, an unidentified man approached Dorsey and his 21-year-old friend from behind as they walked to the restaurant. The suspect shot both men, and Dorsey died at the scene.

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“All of a sudden, bang, bang, bang and it stopped and then another couple of bangs and you hear someone screaming and yelling ‘no,’” said Elliott Freehart who lives nearby.

Police officers said they have no motive or description of the suspect. They hope surveillance cameras nearby can provide clues. For now, they are working to figure out if the suspect knew the victims or if it was a random attack.

“People don’t think when they pull the trigger,” said Freehart.

Loved ones say Dorsey was a caring person. He was recently promoted to manager at a local restaurant where he worked.  They don’t know anyone who would want to hurt him.

“My brother was a good person. He never did anything bad, he loved hanging out with friends. He loved hanging out, and loved playing video games, and loved food. I don’t know why someone would do this,” said his brother Daniel Merino.

Merino has started a gofundme to help raise funds for his brother’s funeral.

Investigators say Dorsey’s friend remains in the hospital and is listed in critical condition. Anyone with information is urged to contact police.


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