Thick smoke from the Camp Fire is forcing people, especially the elderly, young, and those with respiratory problems, inside their homes, prompting health warnings and school closures across the Sacramento region.

How long will the bad smoke last? Just after noon on Friday, the wind was coming from the north at 5 mph, causing smoke to continue to drift into the Sacramento Valley and bringing it with it “hazardous” air quality levels. The problem is being made worse because cold north air is bringing smoke closer to the ground.

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We likely won’t see the weather provide relief from the smoke until next week.

On Sunday, an area of high pressure just off the coast will head to north off the coast of Washington, allowing two storm systems to come in. The first will bring rain to southern California. The second will arrive in our area on Thanksgiving Day, bringing rain to the valley, snow to the mountains.

On Tuesday though, we’ll see wind from the south at 4 mph, which may blow some of the smoke northward.

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