SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — There’s a debate over whether the N95 masks do more harm than good as we continue to deal with hazardous air from the Camp Fire smoke.

The City of Sacramento says it will continue to hand out the rest of its N95 breathing masks even after the county department of health said they aren’t necessary.

The masks are said to do more harm than good for people with breathing problems. When breathing into the masks, you breathe in some of the carbon dioxide you just exhaled, reducing the amount of oxygen you receive in each breath with a mask on.

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Officials recommend just staying indoors and limiting all physical exertion outdoors.

But if you do wear a mask, you need to wear it properly. That means tightening both straps and molding the top metal piece around your nose.

The mask needs to be snug with contact on smooth skin, and there should not be any leaks. They will not work for people with facial hair.


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