By Carlos Correa

STOCKTON (CBS13) — A turkey rescued last spring in Stockton is promoting peace, acceptance, and compassion around the community and if that’s not enough she’s also helping young people read.

At the Harvest Home Sanctuary, residents are accustomed to just eating, sleeping and fighting over attention. The 14-pound bird is named Sadey and is very much on her way to becoming a social media superstar.

Sadey is joined by Ethel the pig, Kona the turkey, and Spencer the duck. They are all rescued animals, each getting a second chance at life. Sadey has become the star attraction.

“They are really sweet, they are a lot more like a dog than people would expect, they like to follow you around,” Danielle Jenkins said.

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Sadey, who was rescued eight months ago, has been very busy spreading joy around the community, visiting youth camps and even libraries, encouraging children to read.

“I think there is such a special bond between animals and children. Here in Stockton we have some of the lowest literacy rates in the entire country so, if we can promote compassion and literacy all at the same time it’s a win, win for everybody,” said Christine Morrissey of Harvest Home Sanctuary.

Children read books about turkeys and life on the farm to Sadey. Sanctuary workers are also capturing the bird’s life on her own personal Instagram page.

“They deserved protection and respect just like other animals and how compassion, especially in our times today when we’re rocked by wildfires and violence in our community it’s so nice and refreshing,” Morrissey said.

Sadey’s next event is Tuesday at the Arnold Rue Community Center’s Micro Library in Stockton with her friends from the sanctuary.


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